Register for ILP Youth Photo Contest 2017 and give the gift of Education.

All registrations goes towards sponsoring science kits to 100 public schools in Tumkur District of Karnataka, as part of India Literacy Project’s “School as a Multi Dimensional Learning Space” initiative that strives to enable excellent quality of education for the children. For more information please visit: Our goal is to provide 10 kits to each school that have experiments designed to cover the school curriculum.

The science kit contains experiments that are mapped to concepts being covered in state syllabus for 5th to 10th grade. More than 150+ experiments can be done using the kit. The kit focuses not just on the experiment, but more importantly understand the concepts behind them. They help children, not just question why, but also question why not. The cost of each science kit is $20.

Once you have registered upload your photo later.



Cannot participate? No worries! Donate for the science kit and give the gift of Education today.




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