The Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Aspire Awards judges have been selected for their expertise in media, technology, education, youth development and social activism. Each is dedicated to supporting young media makers in the use of digital tools to create powerful and personal messages that promote change.

For each AYV Aspire Awards category, the judges will be looking for projects that effectively enable young people to express their ideas, exhibit their potential and take actions in their communities.

There are five types of judges:

  • Adobe Representatives: Leading developers and technology experts from within Adobe.
  • Visionaries: Directors, museum curators, renowned photographers, film festival programmers, and industry professionals. Prominent creative thinkers who have made their mark on the world with original ideas conveyed in an imaginative way.
  • Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator: Talented educators from within the program with a track record of excellence.
  • Adobe Youth Voices Youth: Young people in the program that have epitomized “Create with Purpose” in their media making.
  • Institutions for Higher Learning: Educators, professors, deans, and advocates of fair access to higher education.