ILP’s Youth For Literacy   ILP is an organization dedicated to making India 100% literate. As the youth board, we want to give back to the community in a way that will benefit youth such as us.

Current Volunteers

Aditya Hariharan –  Aditya is a senior at Saint Francis High School and has been with ILP Youth team since 2014. He looks forward to broadening the ILP youth chapter legacy and assist in maintaining the ILP Youth website. He is the Development Director of the ILP Youth Board and manages the updates to the websites and other IT related infrastructures that is needed for the youth team to operate. He is also working towards recruiting more volunteers to expand the ILP youth community. He goal is to organize more events to raise funds to help the less fortunate in India and lead them to light from darkness to make India 100% literate. In his free time Aditya loves to play guitar.

Saumil Thakore – Saumil is the President of the ILP Youth Board and a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. He has been actively involved with ILP and has been volunteering since 2016. He is passionate about the ILP’s immeasurable work to be a catalyst for 100% literacy in India. Saumil’s vision is to empower the ILP Youth team in order to impact the causes and efforts of ILP organization to achieve 100% literacy in India. As a President of the ILP Youth board, his mission is to lead the ILP Youth Team and spread awareness about the lack of literacy in India to the next generation of youths.

Jay Vishwarupe –  A senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory, Jay is the Executive Director of the ILP Youth Board. He is very passionate about improving literacy in India. He is excited at the prospect of being able to combat such a huge problem and is ready to do whatever it takes.

Sanjana Neeli –  A junior at Lynbrook High School,  Sanjana is the Vice President of the ILP Youth Board. For her school and service always comes first. She is very passionate about the cause of India Literacy Project. She has also worked as part of the ILP Dinner Decor Team, and was able to observe the amount of time, dedication, and responsibility it takes to coordinate volunteers and get things done. She is very excited to be part of this team. In her free time she loves to cook, listen to music, and read books.

Purnima Venkat – Purnima is a senior at Monta Vista High School and has been with ILP since 2015. She is the Event coordinator and is very excited to be a part of the youth team, and hopes that her efforts at ILP will improve India’s literacy, and make a positive impact.

Anagha Atawale – Anagha is a senior at Cupertino High School and is the Volunteer Director of the ILP youth board and is in-charge of recruiting volunteers for the youth team as well as for various events. This is her fourth year with ILP and is very excited to be a part of the team.

Rithwik Kerur – Rithwik is a senior at Lynbrook High School and this is his fourth year with ILP. He likes to play tennis, read books, and volunteer work. He is very excited to be a part of the youth team, and hopes that his efforts at ILP will improve India’s literacy, and make a positive impact. His area of interest is poster design and finding sponsorship for the youth events.

Preethi Goli is currently a senior attending Evergreen Valley High School. This is her third year as part of ILP, and she is excited to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Anuraag Murugesan is currently a sophomore in American High school, Fremont. He is the treasurer of the ILP youth board. In his free time, he enjoys playing the drums for a local jazz band. He also likes running and is in his school’s track team. This is his second year with ILP and he enjoys volunteering and helping those in need.


Aarushi Karandikar – A freshman at Leland High School, this is Aarushi’s first year with ILP Youth. She is grateful for the opportunity to help India even from across the globe.

Rohan Desikan – Rohan is the Social and Digital Media Director for the India Literacy Project Youth Group. He serves as the administrator for the website and helps the marketing section of the group. His goal is to ultimately spread awareness about the severe problem of illiteracy and to make others contribute and help the less fortunate in India.

Ruchi Marfatia – Ruchi is a freshman and the youngest member of the youth group. She is the secretary of the group and keeps track of all the tasks completed and needed to be done. She recently raised 190 dollars for ILP Youth through a mini-event at her school. Her goal is to live in a future where ILP is no longer a necessity.

Saachi Marfatia – Saachi is the Treasurer of the ILP youth group. She looks forward to helping people improve their lives by means of getting those in need an education. So far, this is her first community project outside of school and she can’t wait to make a difference.

Karina Uppal –  A senior at Pinewood High School, Karina hopes to fulfill ILP’s tagline as “A catalyst for 100% literacy in India.” After teaching underprivileged children in Mumbai, India, she is excited to support ILP in providing Indian children a means to get a better education that will change their lives. Let’s change India one child at a time.

Nadia Saxena – Nadia is a senior at Saratoga high school. She is the Publicity Director of the ILP youth group and strives to make the problem of illiteracy known to all.

Swathi Ramesh – Swathi is a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. She has been volunteering at ILP for the past four years and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience so far. She hopes that the youth division will grow much larger in the coming years and will successfully raise funds through a variety of annual programs supporting literacy in India.

Shyam Krish – Shyam manages sponsors/donors and the financial status of the ILP Youth Chapter, and also assists the sponsorship subcommittee of the Group. Shyam feels that one of the most efficient ways to combat illiteracy in India is to inform the next generation of leaders (our youth) of this problem. So as long as he is privileged to do so as part of ILP, he will work towards this and the goal of making ILP “a catalyst for 100% literacy in India”.

Rohith Kuditipudi – Rohith looks forward to expanding the board’s outreach in order to raise awareness around the Bay Area.  Rohith is an avid volunteer and in fact recently funded and led a project to build bookshelves for a Bangalore orphanage.

Nishita Shetty – Nishita is the Event Director of the India Literacy Project Youth Group. A senior at Saint Francis High School, Nishita has founded an India Literacy Project Club at her high school, through which she works to raise awareness regarding illiteracy among her peers and raise funds to support underprivileged children in India. She believes that ensuring 100% literacy in India is of utmost importance and encourages youth to tackle the problem of illiteracy.

Navya is involved with the Students for Literacy Club. She aims to avail her experience of organizing events and volunteering for the ILP team. Navya’s goal is to promote awareness for the India Literacy project among organizations. While she is not volunteering or coding, Navya can be found playing badminton and the violin.

Mihir Somayaji is a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. He enjoys playing the saxophone and clarinet in his free time as well as playing video games. He is graduating as an Eagle scout in Boy Scouts by this April 2019. This is his third year at ILP and he is enjoying working with the team.


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