logo1India Literacy Project (ILP) is a development support Non-Profit Organization (NPO), with a vision to be a  catalyst for 100% literacy in India. ILP has been supporting grass roots projects that aim at ensuring elementary education for all children in backward socio-economic regions in India.  Since inception in 1991, ILP has supported over 87 literacy and education programs in 18 states in India benefiting over 150,000 women and children. ILP works with local nongovernmental organizations (NGO) to implement projects across the different states of India. The projects are chosen based on the literacy levels of the area, the prevailing socio economic conditions with the focus on making education a sustained and community owned initiative. Further details about ILP can be found at this website.

ILP Youth for Literacy is a subset of the India Literacy Project, acting as an independently run organization by middle school and high school students in the Bay Area.The youth team organizes a variety of fundraiser events to bolster the work of the parent organization, and works to raise awareness about the education disparity present in India. The team is constantly seeking to recruit new volunteers. If you would like to join or support the team, please see the “Get Involved” tab!